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August 2, 2021 |

AVMs, chain and wholesale price retail products, especially with GROS markets, especially in the Covid-19 epidemic, has a difficult process of grocery traders with the effect of increasing virtual markets quickly increasing.

The grocery stores on each street have recently started to live more difficult days with the development of home delivery practices. The grocery shopkeeping indicating that they cannot compete with the national, local and virtual markets that are rapidly growing with the national, local and virtual markets, the major markets are opened outside the city.

The grocery decreases the number of groceries in recent years, grocery stores in Gaziantep in Gaziantep where their number throughout the city is reined up to 3 thousand 600s of the city, attracts attention to the rapidly increasing virtual groceries in this decline, in this decline.

In recent years, the groceries expressing the groceries in the food sector negatively affected the grocery stores in every aspect.

The grocery stores that are noteworthy that each passage of the neighborhoods of the number of groceries, which are indispensable to the neighborhood of the neighborhoods of the neighborhoods of the neighborhood of the neighborhoods, the grocery grocery grocery stores that the campaigns performed in credit cards together with the changing consumer habits.

Grocery stores who cannot compete with grocery stores in each neighborhood of grocery stores, grocery stores, larger grocery stores have adversely affected many small businesses such as manav, delicatessen, butchers, shoemaker.

Grocery stores, chain markets and recently increasing the increasing number of virtual grocery stores to the chain markets and recently wanted the groceries to be taken care of groceries.

We are suffering from the grocery grocery store as the neighborhood grocery stores as grocery stores as grocery stores as grocery grocery groceries. He victims us to lead people to grocery stores. When citizens are buying in advance, they are heading to grocery stores when there are no coins. This also affects us as well. We want our neighborhood the artisans are always preferred. We want support on this subject. Recently Gross Markets began to open. Wholesale but they sell the retail price. These markets are more adversely affecting us. ” said.

Specifying that he had groceries for 25 years Mustafa Şeyhanlıoğlu, the groceries, AVMs and chain markets followed by the fact that the numbers were struggling against increasing virtual markets in the epidemic period.

Şeyhanlıoğlu said, “We have been the grocery brother and father in the neighborhood of the neighborhood and when the place comes to the customer even the customer wants money from us. But we are negatively affected by the opening of grocery stores. At each neighborhood wholesale but the sales of sales at the retail price opened. We need to sell the product of 20 liras from wholesaler to 21-22 liras in the grocery. But Gros Markets sell the same product to 20 liras. In this case, it affects us very negatively. In addition, the beginning of the virtual markets is also affecting us. Victimized about it. Because these markets we sell are producing themselves and sells in grocery stores. This kind of grocery stores need to be out of town. GROS grocery stores have entered into our neighborhood. Every street has a market at the beginning. “He said.

If the number of chains and virtual markets increases every day, İbrahim Halil Tea, which has negatively affected the grocery stores, said:

“Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, our work has fallen seriously. I have groceries for about 2 years. But since the first day I started to work, we are unable to pay SSI due to the bond and the distressed state of our tax. If we continue this way, we are thinking of turning off our shop because we can’t struggle and stand. Grocery stores are responding to all kinds of requirements rather than the basic needs of the people and eliminates their needs. We even lend money when the place comes. The chain grocery stores our waist to reach such the people in 1-2 steps. When we provide a gain such as 300 pounds from the day, half of it is already expense. But the gain of grocery store is more than groceries. We can’t get along we can close our Demi work place, close the remedy? “

Abidin Bozkurt, which stating that chain markets want to be arranged in the framework of certain rules, also demanded that such grocery stores are opened outside the city.

“Bozkurt,” Virtual and Chain Markets have finished small tradesmen. We want our voice to be heard. We demand that chain or gross markets are out of town. Because we are currently finished as the neighborhood tradesman. We provide our rent and a living in difficult conditions. The trades are in difficult situation and recently the virtual grocery store completely finished the small trades. ” used their statements.

The food wholesaler Murat Altinel also “didn’t stay anything in the hands of the groceries, and many clients have closed groceries in the pandemic process. Because the grocer is unable to sell anything. The impeller does not return to several children with sell. Medium in the neighborhood in the city


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