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We are Tore and Karin Bergbjørn and our lives are all mountains!

Bergbjørn Fjellservice is our common project and it is all about living your life true to your dreams. We both have origins in Hedmark in Norway, but moved in 2012 to Sogndal together where we worked and played for three years. Since then we have worked and lived two summers in Lofoten, got engaged at Stetind, lived two years in a sailboat at Kvaløya close to Tromsø, and the last two years in Signaldalen valley in Lyngen alps. We are now established in Skjomen south of Narvik, the perfect place for all-year adventures!

Tore Bergbjørn:

My parents introduced me to the outdoors as a kid, and ever since I’ve preferred fresh air.

I’ve been skiing since little and also raced in cross country skiing. When I was 12 I started climbing, and although I like all types, the ones I remember the most are long alpine climbs on ice, snow and rock. I’ve travelled a bit for climbing, the Alps, Peru, USA and Patagonia, but every time I’m astonished about how great the Norwegian mountains are.

I like every season, and the different activities that goes with them. No matter if it is mountainbiking, skiing, climbing or hiking.

I am a certified mountainguide (Nortind, UIAGM, IFMGA, IVBV) and guide ski-touring, alpine climbing, rock climbing and mountainbiking.

Karin Bergbjørn:

I have been skiing since I was 2 years old, and since preferred to be outdoors. I ski, climb, mountainbike, run, and spend many hours behind husky-tails. I prefer the nature, no matter weather or wind.

I worked as a professional jockey in France for many years riding races, I have climbed many routes and mountains, both in Norway, Europe and South-America, and was the first Scandinavian woman on top of Cerro Torre in Patagonia. I have traversed the ice cap of Patagonia, and sailed the Norwegian coast.

Today I have a master in hard rock geology, drone pilot certification, education in snow avalanche, and am a certified climbing and yoga instructor. I have certification in “wilderness first aid”, “leave no trace”, and worked in road maintainance. I have also many years of working experience within hotel and restaurants, in addition to almost 30 years of nomadism around the world.