We are Tore Bergbjørn and Karin Bergbjørn; adventures, explorers and enthusiasts!

We customize adventures in the mountains, so that you can enjoy this arctic and vertical world, and master the skills required. Bergbjørn Fjellservice is our common project where we want to give back to others, what the outdoors has given us.

Tore Bergbjørn:

My parents introduced me to the outdoors as a kid, and ever since I’ve preferred fresh air.

I’ve been skiing since little and also raced in cross country skiing. When I was 12 I started climbing, and although I like all types, the ones I remember the most are long alpine climbs on ice, snow and rock. I’ve travelled a bit for climbing, the Alps, Peru, USA and Patagonia, but every time I’m astonished about how great the Norwegian mountains are.

I like every season, and the different activities that goes with them. No matter if it is mountainbiking, skiing, climbing or hiking.

I am a certified mountainguide (Nortind, UIAGM, IFMGA, IVBV) and guide ski-touring, alpine climbing, rock climbing and mountainbiking.

Karin Bergbjørn:

I started skiing when I was 2 years old, and although from Sweden, I’ve spent every winter in Norway and in the mountains. When I moved to Norway 10 years ago I started rock climbing, and was instantly hooked. I love all the different styles, but prefer multi-pitch trad-climbing.

But mostly I’m about being outdoors, following the seasons far from civilization. I go ski-touring, cross country skiing, alpine climbing, mountainbiking, dogsledding, rock climbing, hunting and gathering. I keep my backpack full with surprises, good food in the wilderness is my treat.

I’ve also been a professional jockey in France riding horseraces, am a climbing and ashtanga yoga instructor and soon-to-be geologist.