Yesterday we finally went to visit Piggtind.

Piggtind is a beautiful and iconic mountain located in the south of Lyngen, and separates the boarders of Storfjord, Balsfjord and Tromsø kommune. It is 1505 meters above sea level and we startet the trip on about 120 meters above sea level at the east side, and parked by Fjellås.

Peter Wessel Zapffe, a well known Norwegian mountaineer has written about the mountain in his book “Barske Glæder” under the chapter “fire korstog til Piggtind”.

It is a fantastic trip in beautiful surroundings, with an iconic peak, were you need to use rope and climbing techniques to summit.

The morning fog disapears and Piggtind is visible straight ahead 
The top
Scrambling before the final climbing to the top.
Great view from the top!

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Arctic Haute Route with Norgesguidene

Last three days I have been guiding for Norgesguidene the old Hurtigruta “Nordstjernen” and the “Arctic Haute Route”

It has a nice trip from Bodø to Tromsø, with good snow, and great people!

Here are some pictures from the last days:

From Blåtinden in Lofoten – Svolvær


Amazing view from Blåtinden
One of the mountains on the island “Rolla”
The last day on Gråtinden on Kvaløya.



Perfect weekend in #Lyngen

Great people, a nice place to sleep and eat at, soft snow, sunshine and beautiful mountains… Normally you only need a couple of this ingredients for a good day in #Lyngen, but this weekend we had it all!

Lyngen 2017-49
Early start, and soon up in the sun. Everything is well documented 🙂 Foto: Hans Henrik Bruusgaard
Soft snow, and nice weather!


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Lyngen 2017-132
The guide and his dog almost always get first tracks… Foto: Hans Henrik Bruusgaard


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Thank you for a great weekend!