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August 2, 2021 |

Hollywood has crashed a sweater gang that plays fraudulent gambling in style. Using high technology in the casino, the allegedly gambling they played with high technology was allegedly earned $ 8k in an hour.

In Casinos in KKTC, a sweater gambling was crashed using high technology. Three men who are captured in Zodiac Casino and the two of the men two of the women in a total of five were cheating on the poker desk with the help of the technology. Police names Damir Kabzhanov (E-31), Shamil Eiyubov (E-23), Amina Gakhteibiyeva (K-33), Maiya Tyan (K-35) and Adrerey Li (E-31) describes as 5 spanies, Yesterday Kirne Accident Court he has made it to the peace. The hidden cameras and microchip headphones on the suspects were placed by the police. The police who started a wide range of investigations are still looking for people who are still connected with the point.

The country has been in the country as a tourist and learned in Lapta, the Kazakhstan national suspects of Kazakhstan, who were learned in a hotel in Lapta, has chosen Zodiac Casino to make a lot of the plan they do.

According to the allegations, last night, he was sent to the casino, such as the client, such as clants and clowns, such as cuffs and clocks, pending the images or people in the hands of the paper, which is not yet detected in a vehicle, which is not detected in a vehicle. External persons addressed the papers according to the papers in the image, and the suspects that earned 8 thousand dollars in approximately one hour in approximately an hour and gave the collar by the casino officials. Herders after the notification of the event were arrested together with the electronic furnishings they carry on their electronics.

The suspects arrested by the police were Damir Kabzhanov, Shamil Eiyubov, Amina Gakhteibiyeva, Maiya Tyan and Adrerey Li was taken to the presence of the Court of Crash Court in Police Court. The police officer gave the court to the court about Jacob Bahit, the arbitrations and suspects initiated yesterday. The bahit describes the event, the suspects said that they were able to play a total of 8 thousand dollars with cheaters. Bahit, regarding the issue, the subject has been received as electronic furnishings emares. The police officer who said that the suspects believed that the crime partner has demanded the clowns to remain detained in the police for 2 days. Judge Angel Esendağlı, the pwns of the police officer, after the suspects that the suspects may be related to the matter, he or she has orders to keep the suspects in the police for 2 days for 2 days.

In 2008, two separate gangs were caught in the casino when cheating in the same way. 3 people with Kazakhstan 3 people had been detained by the police on the fact that the casino authorities were realized with the help of the electronic furnishings on them. Again in May 2008, 4 Russian nationals were arrested with the grounds they cheat.

Don’t need to use high technology again to catch cheating on high technology? Buddha is actually cheating. According to this result, the casino is also the possibility of being cheated

Halal get to the guys, are always gazino whether they will be cheated in the citizen you get the balance in the citizen ie 🙂

All machinery and vibrant games in casino should be made according to the world standards of check-up, the crook Housebaz Casino should be cared for the owners to keep the owners, they should be tried from fraud

I lost the full 150 thousand TL in 1 year and I didn’t get the money in nothing to get back to all the ways in 100 in the way they want all the machines as they want to all the machines just as they want 2 cents to the people they want and back as 100 cents as I do not have control of these KIBRIST. They will burn the language more just ruthlessly to this state my sonsurement for this state in this situation Locate the emergency solution to this situation where people are running out of lives Why don’t you have to be on these frauds !!!!

People who are in casinos are already losing the worlds in KKTC Prosecutor’s Casinists in the Prosecutor’s Casinists Surchases of the Casinochaes, who are the main thing that are doing the pudding of casinoists in the Casino, bring the game and payment standards to the world level Mr. Öakal KKTC Government

What is the CASINOS MILLET of the MILLE to leave the MILLE CASINOS in CASINO CASINOs HILE in CASINO. KAGIT is installing them why you write them

8 thousand dollars in 1 hour as if they have earned $ 500k 🙂


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