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August 2, 2021 |

We immediately stood up. He was looking for a third guest with the eyes of Veliaht. He was looking for actor playing his old role in Owl. In the face of the 24-year-old hairless youngster when he saw it. I told him how I was old. It’s very nice. Our conversation between that day, Veliaht said he wanted to make a picture of him in the role of the old man, he asked me to model itself. “

* I need to make a small correction here; Abdülmecid Efendi is not yet veliaht, during this interview; Zira is the oldest dynasty member between the throne and the oldest dynasty member is the 1861-born Veliaht Şehzade Vahidddin. On the death of Sultan V. Mehmed Reşad, on July 4, 1918 on the Ottoman throne. MEHMED has emerged with Vahidddin, and as of that moment, the Şehzade Abdülmecid Efendi has been the veliaht jeanzade title as the oldest man of the dynasty.

Muhsin Ertuğrul described as much as you can but the Şehzade Abdülmecid Efendi could not believe any of them, more rather in the Role of Muhsin in the game, he couldn’t believe that this young man could be he. Muhsin Ertuğrul has explained the makeup cheats he finds itself, as he could not believe him, the Şehsteada wanted to take a photograph of a photographer and to bring them a few poses to take a photo taken and bring them to him.

“… the preparation period had carried the nature of a working time for me. The world of theater lacked so many tools and equipments, it was impossible for me to find an old man’s wifes on my head. When I fell to the ground at the end of the rock, I’m yemen hugged as a yemen hanging like the cherry and yellowing; With my own hair, my head was lying my old man. I decided to take the hair in the center of the middle of my head, the razor as the hair, spilled hair to put it in a convincing situation. I’m going to the berber I’ve got my hair in the style of seniors in the spilled hair style. Something was not clear as long as it is under FES. The middle shaved head was emerging with the whole ugliness. ‘We were putting on rehearsals using all the possibilities we have during the preparation of Owl … “

Şehzade Abdülmecid Efendi, Muhsin Ertuğrul’s portrait of Muhsin Ertuğrul, is not as master and famous as his other portraits of his other portrait, but because of its artist identity, it is about his view of his character.

The Carl Pietzner was a painter with Vienna, which is recognized by the signs of the relief photography in 1898. As the official photographer of the Palace, he was assigned to prepare portraits of some of the highest ranking officials.

Pietzner had around 1900 studio in which more than 300 people work. In Salzburg, he met with Eduard Bertel in 1904 and had purchased Würthle & Sohn in the same year. In 1907, Pietzner has sold the shares in this company completely sold to Bertel and retired.

Between 1877-1924, in various places (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Schönau, Karlovy Vary, Brno, Labem, Cheb, Olomouc, Frantaškovy Lázně, Most, Ostrava, Budapest, Opava, Istanbul), Carl Pietzner was photographed of many famous people.

“Aman İsmail Bey let’s go by no stop here. The ruler is trying to give it so much of the sight, that Allah said that allah gave an agony to anyone “.


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