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August 2, 2021 |


If you remain with this much, the museum outlet I could have understood a short conversation with the hopes of the museum in the entrance bank of the museum, I have understood that the Mimar Sinan State is already connected to the University of Fine Arts, is located in a circle of Dolmabahçe Palace. Because it receives them before they are separated from them and the “Picture Museum” (!) is now now, as the star palace, like the Star Palace, like the Palace of Topkapi, is connected to the President.

When installing this museum Mustafa Kemal Atatürk did not know that instead of the State Picture and Sculpture Museum, this museum is the name of the presidential painting museum,

Museum Manager Halil Dikmen Bey on the same date on May 29, 1953 Next article numbered 033/43

He has sent London / W.8 to the address and he had passed the G.Pujol table to the Museum to the G.Pujol table thanks and respects the respect for Sentraş.

According to the author of 10 May 1942 of the Istanbul Book, Halls (fallen) Khalifa Abdülmecid Efendi had fallen 47,972 pounds of 47,972 pounds from the sale of the stake of the Mental (fallen). However, in accordance with the decision of protecting the value of the Turkish money, this money had been reminded of the Central Bank within a month from the date of receipt. Abdülmecid Efendi in a letter written on Salih Keramet Nigar Bey on 8 July 1944

Having used his statement, in 1942, in 1942, in a correspondence of Salih Keramet Nigar’s Abdülmecid Efendi on August 4, 1942, the sale of these items under the Lock, the new owners under Lock, is delivered to the new owners of the lodge during the sale of the mental, “it is delivered to the new owners of the lodge. It is understood first.

March 3, 1924 came into force the day, No. 481, and the abolition of the Caliphate dynasty when Osmar memali the Republic of Turkey in the law concerning the removal of the external;

“Fifth Article: Henceforth second substance within the aforementioned Republic of Turkey is one they can not emval real estate savings. They can apply to the State of Mehalimi with a year for a year for their accession. After this the transformer has no rights to a court.

Article Seven: The Second Article of the aforementioned persons are obliged to liquidate the Republic of Turkey emval totally within the field of real estate within one year with the knowledge and the consent of the Government. Although they do not liquidate the Meskûr Emval property, they will be liquidated by government professional and the costs will be given to them.

Eighth Item: sultanate had been one of the Republic of Turkey and the deed to the land appurtenant emval within the real estate was transferred to the Ottoman Empire in the nation.

Ninth Agreement: Mülga Sultanhood palaces, turbidity and an enemy-sacraman, tables, tables, tables, nationally, and the SAİT Bilûmım Emvali Embedi Nation.

The tenth agent is under the Hakani Hakaniye Nami and Evvelantly with the real estate to be transferred to the Nation and the real estate of the Mülga Sabisha and Sabici Treasure-i Hümayun, along with its ingredients, and the Mebani and land has been revealed to the nation. “

Currently, the definitions and rights of the Ottoman Heraldic Members who have been sent to abroad were made in a detailed manner and the opening of the discussion.


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