Join our huskies on an adventure in the mountains and experience the wilderness behind dogs tails.


Mushing in the winter is a fantastic way to experience the wild arctic mountains, and the dogs let you close to nature as the only sound is their paws on snow.

We have a small kennel of huskies and we want to give you the authentic experience of mushing your own team, so we only take small private groups, and do one tour per day.

P1080645There are 12 alaska huskies at our farm, most of them our own breed. They are young dogs, but already have many miles in their legs as they are preparing for longdistance racing this winter. They are part of our family, and most likely you will find at least one on the couch in the evening. They join us for running, mountainbiking and skitouring.

As our guest you will get to know the dogs and their personalities, and on the tour we take our time, stop for a snack and enjoy the scenery.


During the year we offer different activities, and you can join us mountainbiking, hiking, riding the huskywagon on Skjomenfjellet or taxiing. We offer all kind of transport in wintertime with the dogs, skijoring behind the sled, or transport equipment to areas where enginedriven crafts aren’t allowed.

For small groups we offer accomodation at the farm!



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