Daytour dogsledding

Join us for an exclusive private dogsledding tour in Skjomen, Narvik!

The unique tour starts by the fjord, and reaches the alpine mountain areas. The steep summits surrounds us on all sides while the fjord is still visible, this might be the only place where you can experience starting by the fjord, and ending on the mountain plain on a dogsled!

We only take small private groups, maximum 2-4 guests per tour, which lasts for 3 hours. Hot drinks and lunch is served.

Dogsledding in the mountains requires good physics and balance, as we are off the beaten track and far into the wilderness.

We have warm outdoorclothing for our guests, but you need to provide yourself warm shoes, hat and gloves and wool underwear.

Daytour dogsledding: 2800 NOK/person 
< 12 years old: 800 NOK