Husky Taxi

We offer husky taxi all year around. If you need transport into an area that is more remote for skitouring, or just want to do the approach to your destination a little more efficient and less strenuous, this is it.

In the summer we have to take into account the temperature, since the dogs don’t like heat so much. It need to be below 16 degrees celsius.

The prices for taxi is 500,- NOK pr person, one way.



In Signaldalen from Fossli to Paras with our big wagon. Up to 8 people.



Different valleys in the Lyngen area is suitable for husky taxi if you want to go skitouring on a little more remote peaks.

Elvevoll – 4 persons.

Tverrdalen – 5 persons

Lyngsdalen – 5 persons

Signaldalen – 5 persons