Ersfjord ridge traverse

This is THE ridge traverse of Ersfjord, and it is a long and fantastic climb, starting by the sea and following the length of the fjord on Kvaløya.

We start at sea level on the western side of the island, at the little village Rekvik with the summit Skamtind and finishes of at Blåmann. Blåmann is also the highest mountain at Kvaløya at 1044 m. a. s. l. Between these two we will pass many pointy peaks such as Storstolpan, Store Hollenderen, Brattbergtinden, Melketind, Styrmannstind, Zappfetoppen and many more. It’s a long way, and it is likely that you need 2-3 days to complete the whole traverse in one push. As a guided climb you can also split it up into different legs, and in that way complete it over a longer period of time.

The whole traverse is 2800 vertical meters with a distance of 16 km, and parts of the ridge is very exposed and requires roped climbing.