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September 9, 2021 |
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However, the shooting actually took place in the studio, and there was not the slightest sketch in it. What’s more, the spotlights were so hot that the children flatly refused to cry, but were sweetly tensed and smiled at the camera. Eventually, the sound engineer had to go to the hospital and tape the cry. This recording was later included in the film.

When the film was edited in early 1973 and shown to high television executives, the first charges fell on the director’s head. The most angry was the army, which, according to the movie, declared that only intelligence officers would win the war. Lioznova did not dare to argue with them, so he went to correct the annoying mistake. He added several hundred meters of documentary chronicle to the film and the military’s claims were withdrawn.

The premiere of the film took place in the late summer of 1973: August 11-24. During the days it was shown, it literally hugged the whole country TV screens. And crime fell sharply across the country, as police reports at the time said. And that wasn’t just ours. One of our TV leaders once visited Hungary and in one of our private conversations with local border guards, “Are your citizens accidentally running to neighboring prosperous Austria?” The border guard replied: “Not right now. Because now our television is showing “Seventeen Moments of Spring”.

Meanwhile, the first two episodes, if viewers only looked closely at the series, many of the third ones began to suppress extreme emotions enough to arm themselves with a pen and paper. Letters poured from State Television and Radio Broadcasting and Gorky Film Studio, and telephone wires were literally warmed by calls. On one of these early days, for example, he sought a specific Muscovite, who conveyed his great greetings to the creators of the painting and his sincere gratitude for not drinking because his husband was sitting at home for several days and his non-drinking friends were busy. watching the same series. By the way, Tatyana Lioznova herself did not watch the movie in those days – she had no strength. But every evening she looked into the windows of the neighboring houses and saw that many of them were quickly extinguished when the next series was over.

According to legend, Leonid Brezhnev became so emotional when he watched the movie that he ordered his assistants to immediately find the real Stirlitz and reward him enough. Andropov said that Stirlitz is a fictional person. “Pity,” Brezhnev shook his head. However, on the same day, he called Ekaterina Gradova’s house and expressed her gratitude to him. However, the player thought this call was someone’s stupid joke and hung up. When he did it a second time, Brezhnev’s assistant called him and asked him not to hang up: “Leonid Ilyich will really talk to you.”

Meanwhile, Andropov did not forget his speech with Brezhnev on Stirlitz. And in 1983, when the chief of the KGB himself became the General Secretary, he ordered to reward all participants in film orders. Consequently, V. Tikhonov “Star”, R. Plyatt and T. Lioznov, Order of the October Revolution, L. Bronevoy, O. Tabakov and E. Evstigneev – Workers Red Flag, N. Volkov and E. Gradov – Friendship of Peoples took.

While preparing the article, materials from F. Razzakov’s book “Our Favorite Cinema. The Intrigues Behind the Scenes”. Algorithm. 2004, articles by F. Razzakov “And you, Stirlitz …”, Vladimir Gromov “Seventeen minutes of spring”, Valentina Oberemko “How Stirlitz’s wife came about” 12 suits and 100 shirts were made.


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