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September 9, 2021 |
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Sports as a product of the entertainment industry; with the limitations of time, space, competition and interaction that the corona virus brings to our lives.

Nationalist ideologies, which have been on the rise in the world in recent years, caused racist discourse and behavior to become more severe. The last person exposed to these racist acts was Istanbul Başakşehir FK assistant coach Pierre Webó. This event also made a big impact on a global scale. Racist statements or behaviors of the supporters or managers

In addition to his unique football talent and professional career, he is a man who draws the attention of the whole world with his chaotic life… A patriot, a world citizen who shows interest in, and even directs, social issues with his political stance and discourse… Who am I talking about? From Diego Armando Maradona … A worthwhile happiness for each of us while he is on the court

After 9 years of Formula 1 excitement, once again today to live in Turkey. There is a lot of excitement in the public and everybody. The fastest cars, fastest pilots of the world will take the stage again in Istanbul with the latest technologies. 2020 Turkey this week with this article we will try to convey to you on the last details before the Grand Prix.

women in Turkey in economic, social and societal staying in many areas have to cope with both psychological and physical difficulties or limitations. This is also the case in the sports industry. In a male-dominated industry, women have to achieve much greater success with much more limited opportunities while struggling to exist.

Sport is the most important social rehabilitation tool especially for people with disabilities. However, Turkey’s state apparatus is extremely inadequate in bringing this service to people with disabilities. The state cannot take sports for disabled people; it is content with waiting for disabled people to apply to him with personal initiatives. Let’s take a look at the functioning of disabled sports in our country. Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD),

In the event of the slightest contraction or a crisis in the global world economy, the sports industry is negatively affected by this situation, as in all other sectors. Expenditures are reduced, new revenue models are created, organizational structures are reshaped. The giant clubs of Europe also plan to establish their own autonomous leagues by coming together in every economic crisis period. Covid

Turkey national football team stayed with Wednesday evening in the match against Germany 3-3 draw in Cologne, Germany. At the end of the match, besides the score, there was another topic of discussion. It was the Turkish origin player of the German National Team Emre Can, who gave a German statement to the broadcaster TRT. This topic is particularly

Turkish clubs continue to disappoint in international competitions. With the elimination of Galatasaray to Glasgow Rangers on Thursday evening, the number of teams representing our country in European cups dropped to two this season. Basaksehir FK in the Champions League, the Champions League teams will be representing Turkey Sivasspor. These two teams, which will face stronger opponents than each other,

Careers of professional athletes all over the world have spread over a much longer period compared to 20 years ago. Although athletes start to perform at the highest level professionally at a much earlier age, they are able to perform at the highest competitive level of that sport for much longer. However, the retirement age of professional athletes


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