Join our huskies on an adventure in the mountains and experience the wilderness in a new way behind dogs tails.


Mushing in the winter is a fantastic way to experience the wild arctic mountains, and the dogs take you closer and further into nature than you would think possible.

We want to give you the real experience of mushing your own team so we only take small private groups and will customize the day for you. We can either ride the fantastic and varied trails in Signaldalen, if you have some experience we can head into the mountains by Paras, sled to Treriksrøysa (the three borders Sweden-Finland-Norway, or find other hidden gems.


As our guest you will become part of the pack for a while, helping out preparing your own team, get to know the dogs, drive your own sled, and participate in feeding and afterwork activities. We will take our time, and maybe stop on our way making a bonfire, coffee, and eat traditional homemade norwegian food.


We have 12 alaska huskies, 5 of them are our own breed. They are mostly young dogs, and they have now started on their journey to learn the sleddog trade. Next year they will enter sleddog races, so we train almost every day. They join on ski touring, running, biking and of course sledding. In Signaldalen they have plenty of space to run and play!

Our huskies also brings guests out on sled tours when not busy with other things…

Half day trip: 1500 NOK/person, (4 hrs, max. 4 people)

Full day trip 2400 NOk/person (6 hrs, max 4 people)

For smaller groups we can provide a overnight stay at the farm, contact us for a price suggestion.



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